I have one time been to an other place, that almost is a nice a Greenland.
In the fall of 2002, just tree weeks after my father passed away,
my mother and I was invited to Chile, to se the start of a project,
my father help to start.
I have made a link to CECS, the science institute, my father collaborated with.
During our stay, my mother got a memorial plaque, and we saw the launch of the project.
During out our 11days visit, my mother and I, never found so much
kindness and help.
Our visit to Chile has been an adventure.

Our travels

Friday, 22-11-2002

At 1500, local time, we had take-off from Copenhagen, to Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Saturday, 23-11-2002

Arriving at Sao Paulo, getting a plane to Santiago (Chile)
New place from Santiago to Valdivia, arriving at 1700 local.
1830local, dinner on the water, with most of the CECS people.

Sunday, 24-11-2002

Ceremony starts at 1100 local, and we have a grill party after
see pictures under CECS mission

Monday, 25-11-2002

We have a meeting with Vivian at CECS HQ, at 1000, to decide our plans.
We get to see the lab. And goes to the botanical garden.
We have dinner with Gino's wife, and all their animals,
after we return and rent a car in the evening.

Tuesday, 26-11-2002

With the rented car we travel to Pucon, and see the Termas (Hot springs), and the mountains.

Wednesday, 27-11-2002

We return the rented car, and get picked up, and drives
from Valdivia, to Tepual Airport, to fly to Puntas Arenas
Arriving in the evening at Puntas Arenas, and attend a
mission planning meeting, for the CECS mission.
After we have a very nice dinner, till late in the evening

Thursday, 28-11-2002

Getting up early, to catch a bus, to Torres del Pine.
We drive in a car to the national park, and sees Medions cave.
We Sleep in Hotel Tydell

Friday, 29-11-2002

Again we drive from Hotel Tydell, back to Puntas Arenas, to see
the penguins.
Driving from the penguins to the airport, to get a plane to Santiago.
Arriving in Santiago, late in the evening

Saturday, 30-11-2002

Getting up, to see the palace.
Caching a plane in the evening from Santiago (Chile), to Sao Paulo (Brazil), and from Sao Paulo (Brazil) to Copenhagen (Denmark)

Sunday, 01-12-2002

Still flying

Monday, 02-12-2002

Arriving at Copenhagen Airport at 1000, in the morning

A row of penguins. Just north of Puntas Arenas

My mother at a river in Pucon.
I am in front of the palace in Santiago