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For a number of years, I have been so lucky, that I have been able to travel to Greenland. I love the place more then my homeland Denmark. The place is so special, that you can only understand what I am talking about, when you have been up there.....
Due to my fathers work, he has been gone for tree month each summer. For the last couple years he has been travailing to Greenland. When I was 9 years old, I arrived for the first time to Greenland. I was stunned. I have never been to a place so wonderful before, the nature were so breath taking, that to this day, almost 10 years later, I can remember everything.

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But the last number of years, I have been taking a more active stand in Greenland. I have been helping other people that had problems, and because Sønderstrøm Fjord, or Sondy is so small, you get to know everybody, and that is nice. Greenlanders are the niecest people on earth, and that will do everything to help you. But that is hard to see, when you just is in Greenland as a tourist.

The summer of 1997 I was here to read more about it.
The summer of 2001 I was Whitenosed

You can also read more about the 109th Airlift Group-the military unite who flies all our equipment to the icecap. They use a C130, with skies on !
One thing is for sure, I have lost my heart to Greenland, that the wildlife that lives in Greenland.

On this picture you see a Twin-Otter. This is the aircraft we use for transport of personal, and light equipment.

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(Where I have been working with University of Copenhagen)
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