NGRIP is an offspring of GRIP.

Greenland Icecore Project

GRIP started in 1989, was the biggest ice drilling project ever started.
The idea was to make a 3000m long icecore, with climatic information from up to 250.000 years ago.
The project ended in 1992. The project was international, and answered a lot of questions, but raised even more.
USA had a similar project just 30km from the GRIP site and also gotten an icecore. Now it was possible to compare the ice cores, and their information about the climate.
But the last 100.000 years there began to too show incongruity between the two cores, and their information.
Therefore NorthGRIP was started in 1996, with the same goal, to drill another icecore to determine weather the icecore from USA or the icecore from the international project showed the correct data.
Today the drilling has gotten into a lot of problems, because the ice is very warm, and therefore tends to get the drill stuck.
But in the summer of 2003, the drill finally