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Kangerlussuaq -Sønder Strømfjord

These three names all means the same.
Sondy is an old military base started as a landing point between USA and Europe, during 2. World War. Used for shipping of warplanes to Europe and bringing wounded soldiers back to the US.
The weather in Sondy is special, because the airport is only closed 4days a year. That is a lot less then in Thule in the north and Narssauaq in south.
The military part of the base was disbanded in 1992. Since WW2 till 1992 the base was divided in to a Danish and American site.
You needed a ID card to have access to the American site....this was a military base.
Back in the good old days, there was more or less no crime in Sondy, everything was run by the military, and no one wants to get in trouble with them.
But since 1992, when Sondy once again was open to everybody, and the military was pulled out, drunk native people started to show in the dust streets.
This map below shows the layout of the base.
  • Old Camp
    The first buildings in Sondy, used for accommodation. These barracks are named Sheraton and Hilton, to lift the spirit of the residents.
  • Terminal
    The SAS terminal, where civilian plans on- and off-loads passengers and cargo.
    Road to Ice Cape
    This is a road that goes to the inland ice cape, the old quarry, two lakes full of old ammunition from WW2, to Sugar loaf (little mountain), the waterfall and last but not least to Skanska
  • KISS
    Kangerlussuaq International Science Support Center, where scientists can live, while in Greenland. The place is run by Bent, and old chef.
  • Bridge
    Leads to the dump, the Row Club, Black Ridge, big and small salt lake.
  • 109th HQ
    Where the 109th Airlift Group have their Head Quarters
  • 442
    The old warehouse, where the NorthGRIP have their equipment
  • Apron
    There Airplanes "park" and get on and off loaded.
  • Runway
    3000m long runway, where planes starts and lands.

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