109th Airlift Group


Well since my father started to fly in Greenland, he has used the 109th Airlift Group.
They are based in NY, Scotia.
The command a large numbers of LC-130H, that is a converted version of the normal C-130, with skis on. That enable them to take-off and land on sea ice, and on any snow surface.

They practice flying and landing in Greenland, based in Sondy, Kangerlussuaq, in the summer. And in the winter they fly on the

Antarctic, supplying the American operations.
Since the are in Greenland, in the summer NGRIP and VECO uses them for transport of people and equipment to science project on the top the Greenlandic icecap.
Every person attached to this outfit, are highly professional, and gets the job done.
They will help you in any way, you need.

Below I have some pictures.


A so called K-loader, that can off-load and load 3 full pallets of cargo.

A LC-130H landing in Sondy.


A LC-130H preparing for take-off, at North-GRIP. The surface has been compacted by machines. You can see the hole plane is on skis!