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The 109th have their own bar in Sondy, for members only, that means, 109th Airlift Crew, and special invited guests.

The Raven calls

I t is a tradition, that The Raven calls when the bar is open.
The Raven gives vital information, and announcements.
Then the phone calls, everybody have to be silent!
The Raven tells for instance, that a person has a birthday,
or that some one is going to go get their blue/Whitenose.
The Raven has just called
The Raven has commanded a toast
And when The Raven says DRINK, YOU DRINK!

Here are some more pictures from the Ravens roost

This is where you sit, when you are bluenosed/whitenosed
This is how a real bartender looks like, he is also an aviation engineer.
He was able to patch a plane together with, two empty beer bottles, and some duct tape.
This is the side of the bar.

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