Well, we are back in Greenland, and the year is 2001. It's summer and I have put foot in Greenland, maybe for the last time.
The NGRIP project is coming to an end. The project lacks about 80m to be drilled.
My father is ill, and something tells me that he will not get better.
The tradition of getting Whitenosed, comes from getting BLUENOSED.
When you get BLUENOSED, it's normal the first time you are in Greenland, and the Whitenose is the last time you plan to be in Greenland.
The story is the same, and you drink, and get drunk. But for you, things are not as happy, and a lot of memories comes to you.
All people in Ravens Roost, comes over and greet you.
Now I have a lot of memories of 109th Airlift Group and Greenland, and that is what is important.