I spend the day seeing a lot of different places in Munich.
clich the read more botton.

We started with a nice breakfast.

Then we took the buss and went to University of Munich, where she studys medicin.
In the university, we saw where the Weiße Rose, was originated.

Weiße Rose, was a group of students who spoke their opinios during the second about Hitler, and got killed for that.

Then we walked to the Englischer Garten. click here
There we saw where a part of the Eisbach river comes in to the garden, and even saw a crazy female surfer riding the river.

Then we went to the Friedensengel.

We took the bus back to the center, and tried to find a pullover for me.
No luck, but we managed to see the viktualienmarkt

We also saw the Hofbräuhaus

After that we went and saw the big crazy christmas market

We had a bite to eat, and then went home, and I saw all chrisitnas pictures of her travel with the "polarstern".

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