Life as a medical student

 Well I started at Panum, as a medical student at University of Copenhagen in the summer of 2001.

The expenses to books are very huge, I have spend over 15000kr the first year.

My only good advice, is to get a studying partner, and spend time on the books...but not all the time...remember to have some healthy not-medical keep you in touch with reality.

I will in the future put some of my scribbling on this page, but in the meantime, take a look at my "Link" page, there I have places some good sources of help.

I have en the fall of 2005, made a wikipedia like site, for medical students in Denmark.
Here medical students have a possiability to upload, and update there notes.

I have also made a learning tool for pathological expressions, this is also only aviable in danish.

 This little beauty, is Ebola.
Her simplicity is beautiful, but remember keep a healthy distance.
She kills within a 8 day period, unless you carry and wear a space suite like contraption.
And yes, there are no cures!
SDS Gel, out cytochrom C band is very beuatiful
SDS gel