Så har jeg laver en Ugeskrift for læger style til Mendeley.

Link http://csl.mendeley.com/styles/8207123/ugeskrift-for-laeger


Det er laver ud fra "http://www.ugeskriftet.dk/portal/page/portal/LAEGERDK/UGESKRIFT_FOR_LAEGER/UFL_MANUSKRIPTVEJLEDNING/Manuskriptvejledning"

Da Usfl, ikke holder Vancover stylen.




Using Mendeley referance manager

I have tried to fit the referance style of Scandinavian Journal of infections 

Here are the steps I undertook

  1. Getting journalnames short (abb)
  2. I looked here
  3. Then the style was off, only year, no issue, no punctuations, hard brachets and no month.
  4. I looked at the vancover style with hardbrackeds and hacked the code to fit the style
  5. Look here for how to do it your self

But the good news, you can download all the nessasary files here, so you dont have to repeat my work...

abbreviations 1

abbreviations 2

abbreviations 3
referance style file

Jeg har lavet et læringsværktøj som lærings af almen patologi definitioner.


Kig under Medicin -> almen patologi i menuen til venstre.


Det direkte link er også her:



Life as a medical student

 Well I started at Panum, as a medical student at University of Copenhagen in the summer of 2001.

The expenses to books are very huge, I have spend over 15000kr the first year.

My only good advice, is to get a studying partner, and spend time on the books...but not all the time...remember to have some healthy not-medical interests...to keep you in touch with reality.

I will in the future put some of my scribbling on this page, but in the meantime, take a look at my "Link" page, there I have places some good sources of help.

I have en the fall of 2005, made a wikipedia like site, for medical students in Denmark.
Here medical students have a possiability to upload, and update there notes.

I have also made a learning tool for pathological expressions, this is also only aviable in danish.

 This little beauty, is Ebola.
Her simplicity is beautiful, but remember keep a healthy distance.
She kills within a 8 day period, unless you carry and wear a space suite like contraption.
And yes, there are no cures!
SDS Gel, out cytochrom C band is very beuatiful
SDS gel


http://www.MedNote.dk er online.
Det er en porttal, til elektroniske noter i medicin.
Kig forbi, giv mig nogle tilbage meldinger.