Svend -Who's that?

Well try to take a look...yes, you guessed right. That is me below.
Transfere child I am a physician in Denmark.
If you want to know more about me, then take a look at the rest of my homepage.
I have spent a lot of time in Greenland, and love the country and their people very much.
Most of my time in Greenland, have been used on working in Sønder Strømfjord, or Kangerlussuaq. But read more about Greenland at my Greenland page.
  • HSGS
    Is Hærens Sergant skole Sønderborg. Army's Sergant School Sønderborg.
  • Medicin
    Since I am a medical student, here is some short information about being one.
  • Chile
    I was in Chile shortly after my father died, to see the launch of a project he help start.
  • Aviation
    I love aero planes, read more about them here.
  • Greenland
    I have been to Greenland and I love the place.
  • FDF
    I have been a scout leader fore some years.
My life in short is listed below:
2010 Done. Now a medical doctor, M.D. (physician)
2004 Still studying, and working.
2003 I am still studying medicin, and trying to cope with to loss of my father. I started a new job at Laerdal Sophus, a company that develops medical simulators.
2002 Still studying medicin. My father died after a long and humiliating illness. We decided to take my father home from the hospital, so he could die in peace.
2001 Well, this year I started, with a GSK course in chemistry.
GSK=High school add on course.
Then I stopped at the petrol station, and started to work at the HQ of Q8 Denmark.
This was also the year I started to study medicin.
This was also the last year I visited Greenland.
2000 After my high school exam, with an average of 9,2, I started at the Army's Sergant School in Sønderborg, HSGS.
Here I got injured, so I had to stop.
After that I worked as a nursery assistant at three nursery's.
Well that wasn't enough so I also worked at a petrol station.
1999 3g At last done, with German, and my German teacher...and then again, guess again...she is also the only art teacher.
1998 2g one more year of German.
1997 10.grade is over, and I start High school. But my debut had to wait, because a got glandular fever, I started after 1½ month
1996 9grade. At last, I am free from Virum skole, and Kirsten Voigt.
I stated 10grade at Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole
1995 8.grade. I am having a mobile discotheque, and plays maybe 5 places.
1994 7.grade. I am having fun, and dancing at Club 10. I got a dancing price-this has never happened since.
1993 6.grade. First time at Club 10, a soda pop discotheque
1992 5.grade. First kiss ever with a girl-She was named Ditte Knigge
1991 4.grade. We moved from our red school building, to the gray building....the building for the big kids.
1990 3.grade. I made best friends with Kirsten Voigt, when I said that there wasn't anything wrong with writing with a persons left hand. She didn't agree!
1989 2.grade. another year of Voigt
1988 1. grade, 1 year with Kirsten Voigt, and 9 long years to go.
Kirsten Voigt, is as bad and German like, as the sir name hints.
If she today was on the front cover of "Fiendish-To Day" I wouldn't be surprised.
1987 Preschool class, scares the living daylights out of our teacher, with a rubber snake....she didn't like snakes..
1986 more trouble, and started in preschool class at "Virum Skole", August.
1985 Still having fun at nursery school
1984 Properly didn't behave at nursery school
1983 First day at Sorgenfri nursery school
1982 Properly was still running about Virum with at diaper
1981 Learned to walk, and lived in Virum
1980 Was born at Herlev Hospital the 8. of August.