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About my role in FDF

I have been the member of "Virum-kredsen" since 1988, and now I am a leader.
But because of my school, I haven't been able to get the time to have a special group, to be a leader for. But I found the time for making a database, of our depot.
I also do some work, if they call me. But I love to be a leader, because I get the possibility of doing thing, that give other people memories the will last for ever. Apart from doing computer stuff, I have been teaching first aid and proper handling of knives and axes.

Since Fall 2003, I stopped as an active member, to concentrate on my education


More FDF stuff, and my experience

FDF is like a scout organization, that makes you do a lot of funny things.
We go on trips and have a lot of fun. I have been in Sweden and climbed Kebnikeiser (2117m), and had a lot of fun. that was in the summer of 1994.
Every summer we have a summer camp, and the site can differ from Sweden to some place in Denmark, like Langeland.
Every four year, all the districts around Denmark, makes a big camp at Slettet. This camp normally contains about 20.000 happy and active FDF's.
I have been in FDF since 1989, and I am still going on strong. Since I am a Leader, I have the responsibility, for kids from the age of 5-?.
FDF is the ultimate way to have fun with your friends, and experience how long you can push your limit, when you hike, climb, stay up late, and making orienteering race.
But the best thing is the friendship, and all the people you get to know.

FDF Virum. The Group I am attached to.
FDF Denmark

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