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I am not a poet, but my old friend from high school David Kira Nielsen is.
He has written some lovely poems about life, and living.
If you like his poems, give him a e-mail: "david.kira (at) get2net.dk"
(at)=@ and remove the " and spaces. I did this to protect him against spam!

All the poems are below

-I Remember
-Just a Dream
-Memories and Dreams
-A jolly good song about Harry and the Rabbit



I remember you as it was yesterday. That smile of yours that softened my heart and those dazzling eyes that could even overcome the bright morning sun.
I remember that soft skin of yours like thousands of doves and beautiful as the new coming spring.
You were my diamond.
So tall and beautiful.
I remember you caressing my cheek with your velvet hands.
I remember you singing phrases of joy and when you laughed it was as every merry thought was told.
So pure a heart you had.
Kind and generous and yet a being like you allowed yourself to understand a being like me.
I remember being shy.
I had always felt bad about myself.
Always compared myself to the worst cases, so I could feel as something.
As someone.
You made that change.
So much love and care you had, that I would sometimes ask myself... how does it all fill in such perfect harmony??
You appreciated me and saw as I did mistakes as the trembling fool I was.
I remember your wisdom.
Every step being taken and every smile being shared, making the leaves ruffle and the flowers bloom.
You were there for me in time of needs.
As a tutor, a listener but most of all.........a friend.
When I used to cry you would cry to, looking at me with this dazzling smile and tears in your eyes telling me everything was okay.
You used to tell me emotions came from the heart.
You never hated me for making mistakes, as you put up with my inevitable mistakes as a simple human.
You had patience.
Patience teaching the newborn child his first step on a long harsh trip through life.
I have so many things to tell you, and have so many streams of tears to be shared.
You were there for me, and you filled that emptiness inside my heart.
You filled it with Understanding, Memories and Warmth.
Now you are with the angels again.
And as I stare at the billions of stars twinkling on the never-ending skies,
I remember you, and my heart is filled with happiness once again.





I stared amazing at the tree Why was it moving and talking to me?
It's branches moved and stroke up high
In a moment I thought it would jump up and fly
It dropped it's branches and looked very sad
Maybe it was the life it had
Suddenly tears rolled down the tree
It cried in vain while looking at me
It suddenly scattered and the sky turned red
I shivered a little and turned in my bed





Why live in a world full of joy or grief when your inner wishes hardly ever come true?
Why follow this pattern, which will be ones only hope to cling to?
Life is mysterious in a lot of ways, I usually tell myself.
Certain feelings live amongst us we are not aware of, and when they do show themselves, we have a hard time working with them.
Is life supposed to be that hard?
Why do we have feelings?
I usually ask myself.
Why are they there, when all they cause is pain and loss?
Hate.... Such a small word but yet so powerful. A word used to show people, you want to hurt them. Something that will make them look in your eyes, and ask Why?
Love... Love is yet a small word with a large meaning. Why do people say they love each other, when they cause those people pain at other times?
Why do we say we love our mother, who gave birth to us, and nursed us with all her life, and still we go against her?
Why do we tell another person I love you and want to marry you, and you are everything I ever wanted, I love you, I love you, and then you divorce?
Throw away what you meant was your life?
I usually ask myself.. why bother?
Its rare people keep up with each other. But I guess its those unique feelings.
Love is always there in your heart. And hate is there to reveal how much you actually love that person.
I guess you people would wonder what I mean. Thoughts are difficult to follow, and I guess that is why you show them as feelings.
When you yell at one you love, its not 'cause you hate this person. And when you are done yelling, try and sit down and seek the truth.

I mean.. you've been laughing before with the person you love.. why throw it away, when you can have that special feeling back. Why yell at the person you love, instead of talking about it and find a solution.
I don't believe in hate, to be honest. I don't hate my family when I shout at them. I know that from my heart. I guess that is why I love everybody I meet. That feeling is unique, and appreciating comes with understanding..
I just guess its hard to find. But it's there.





Friendship is a strange thing....we find ourselves telling each
other the deepest details of our lives...things we don't even share with our
families who raised us...But what is a friend? A confidant? A lover? A fellow
email junkie? A shoulder to cry on? an ear to listen? a heart to feel?...A friend is all these
things...and more. No matter where we met,....I call you
friend. A word so small...yet so large in feeling...a word filled with emotion.
It is true great things come in small packages.

Once the package of friendship has been opened, it can never be
closed...it is a constant book always written...waiting to be read...and enjoyed.
We may have our disagreements...we may argue...we may concern
one another... friendship is a unique bond that lasts through it all.... A
part of me is put into my friends...some it is my humor...some it is my
listening ear...some it is real life experiences...some it is my
romanticism...but with all, it is friendship. Friendships forged are a construct stronger
than steel built as a foundation....necessary for life...and necessary for love.

Friends, you and me...you brought another friend...and then there were 3...
we started our group...Our circle of friends...
and like that circle...
there is no beginning or end..





Friend… A word so small,
yet so large in meaning. 
A friend is always there for you,
in mind, and beside you if you are sad.
You can hate each other sometimes,
and you can feel joy with that friend.
But a friend will always be in your heart,
and yours in a there's. What's a real friend?
Is it your boyfriend or your girlfriend?
Is it your family all in one, or is it yourself?
I have always thought of a friend as someone, 
you have made a part of in your life. 
A person you can laugh with and show your feelings to.
A person you can hug with, and someone to cry with.
A friend is one who would listen to your problems, 
and a friend is one you can share your secrets with.
Everybody is your friend.
But the right one, will mostly become your best friend.David
Memories and Dreams Top
I looked at the place with tears running down my cheeks.
Not tears of happiness nor tears of sorrow.
But tears of memories.
I listened as the music filled my body. Filled those empty spots
That had been left by sad memories.
Those spots which traces had left their marks ages ago.
I felt the music and memories fill my body
Bringing me to those places only known by my heart.
Only known by my love, and fantasy.
I felt the music and memories force the emptiness out
Through my eyes, revealing streams of tears.
I had escaped reality, and seeked adventure and joy
Through my fantasy, to yet become the knight of my
Fantasies. To be acknowledged as someone, instead of what the
Truth and reality brought me
I shared tears with my friends, wrote poetry, offering fair ladies my
Eternal love, and shared my strength with the weak.
But no matter how much I dreamed of this, the reality had already
Made it's own destiny and life.
My search has yet not come to an end, cause it is not it's destiny to
Reach it's goal.
I only have left, what is left.
Try making people smile.
Try making them feel the same kind of joy
I feel through my dreams.
That's the first step of my endless path.
For when reality brings it's repairs to be done
I seek sanctuary in my hopes and dreams.



A jolly good song about Harry the rabbit


He was running and running which seemed like a habit When suddenly a stone on the ground he found
Which made and awfully singing sound
Now Harry got scared and quickly he fled
He ran to his house and hid under his bed
As Harry crawled out from under his bed
He ran to the door with eyes of red
- Oh how dreadful it is, Harry exclaimed !
They are all after me, and I'm to be aimed
They will torture and sting me, until I give up
I must leave my house, he said with a sob.
For if that horrible stone is there
It means my end will soon be near
And as Harry he ran and ran and ran
He started a circle and the story began.





This poem was written to Edna Kira Nielsen, David's mother:

At Christmas time, laughter and joy is shared
You spend time with your loved ones, and you feel cared.
People smile and Christmas enters your heart
And the cold winds welcomes you to the Christmas start.

People sends presents and Christmas cards
And love ones kiss and stare at the stars.
And little kids sends out their wishes
For all the gifts they want and misses.

And as Santa he enters the chimney above
He kisses the children asleep, with love.
He places his presents and up he leaves
And welcomes people to Christmas eve.

Now this is the story of Christmas days
It has its sides and it has its ways.
But for some people with special friends
The joy in your heart simply never ends.

You close your eyes, and clutch your heart
Waiting for the year to begin its start.
And as rockets and colors fills the sky
People they stare and gasp, - Oh my oh my.

And slowly people lose their fear
As excitement replaces the upcoming year



A little Bunny hopped along, it's favorite food was carrot.
It's fur was white, it's teeth were long, and it's best friend was a Parrot.
The Parrot sat in its cage, and it always enjoyed a pat
But then again, it missed its friend, but settled with the Cat.
The Cat was on the floor, its whiskers grey as fog
And yet again, its face was sad, it missed its friend the Dog
The Dog was white with spots, it lived in a little house
It howled, it yelped, it cried, for it missed the little Mouse.

Now the Mouse it lived in a hole, a hole so empty and dark
It missed its friend the Bunny, but that's another part....




What a beautiful day, I thought to myself. The sun shined with a bright clear light, and the birds sang the tune of love to each other.
I had just started thinking of life and its puzzlement, when I felt love surrounding me. That's when I saw you for the first time.

It was like the earth held its breath, with every step you took.
I saw the wind play lightly with your beautiful hair. And I kept watching as the sunrays gently caressed your face.
I remember your smile.

Lips as red as the newly sprung roses, and soft like the leaves of them.
It was like the world tried to hug you. It wanted to feel you, and wanted you to share your love and beauty with it.
Your eyes showed me laughter, passion and love, all together as one, and still it showed as there were more.
I remember you smiled at me, and it was like my heart wanted to jump out and scream of joy

I was like the lamb who had just been born, unsure of the world, and seeking help in the embrace of the mother.
You laughed, and somewhere the angels laughed with you. Not for me being silly, but for you not understanding.

You looked at me and took my hand, and I started feeling different. I started feeling like everything was possible and it only took love to manage it.

I didn't know what to feel. I wanted to express my feelings.. tell you everything that was on my mind. You looked at me and smiled, as though you had read my thoughts. You took my head in your lap, while caressing my hair and singing. A song that filled me with joy, warmth and forgiveness.

I felt like raising my voice to the heavens, while singing out my love to the gods above, and to be accompanied by your beautiful dazzling laughter, again, again and again.

That day showed me something. You had made it become a perfect day



I reason to Live

A tear is a touch from the heart

A laugh is a reason to live

A smile is the way to start

And happiness exists to give.

You doubt my thoughts my friend?

I could easily show you again

It's all about the appearance and the mood

As if a beggar denying to waste food.

Search my friend and you will find

Don't let hate and anger make you blind

Believe in my wisdom, the hidden words

And You might be the one, flying with heavingly birds.




Massacre, destruction, blood,
Pain, hate, torture,
Anger, fear, treachery
And foolishly weak hopes!!

All part of Damnation.

Loss and defeat,
Conquest and Destruction
As we watch foes and friends
Killed and scattered through out
Vast wasteland.

Families murdered,
Women raped and
Cattle slaughtered,
As all are one giant cry of pain.

As sweat slowly creeps from skin
Demon Lords and lost souls
Slowly fills your sleepless dreams.

With one last dry smile
You turn to the remaining,
As Shadows creep from
Corners and madness slowly
Fills your mind.

Empty howls from the wind
And a new awakening of the moon.
A new time is about to begin.

Hollow anguish fills your heart
As Defeat has overtaken

For the beast inside of all of us
Must soon become awakened.




A dark shadow moving in shades
Beautiful but deadly under masquerades
A servant under the moon, a worshipper of night
A hunter for flesh on its bat like flight

Dark capes with a touch of the Moon
Fangs of blood and mysterious runes
Sticks through the heart, a mere laugh
People being slaughtered and butchered as calf

Feelings forgotten, decayed by darkness
A steady pale face with a touch of hardness
A howl in the wind, a warning to learn
That blood will be spilled, and deaths after turn

This creature of evil, in blood red cape
Its words that are deadly, and controls your faith
Grabbed by the throat a lethal bite
Draining life, an endless fight

And as you lay in solid grounds
No eyes that see nor either sounds
As an endless hunger fills your soul
You break through the earth with a frightening howl.



First Date.


Suspense and excitement
The thrill of the moment
Questions whispered
Answers withheld

His eyes locked with her emerald gaze
His heart beating rapidly
Her breath exhaled in shattered gasps
As her pondering mind wanders

Her smile softening the room
His gratitude gratefully shown
Whispers of greetings
And the touch of skin
Are both the end and the beginning

Her beautiful laughter cascading down
Breaking the terrible silence
His mood it lifts his heart soars high
Is she the One, mayhap?

His puzzled look
Of hopelessness
Her worried look
Of pity

Combine the two
The world explodes
As rainbows fill the room
As love unfolds and out it blooms
It shows the end and beginning



I just sat there

I just sat there, staring at the window.
Tears of sorrow running down my cheek
Finding its path down the chin.

Slow heartbeats, in its continuous
Struggle with uncontrollable feelings.
A face to dream of
A heart that bleeds.

Thousand thoughts roaming through your mind
As you sit in that little dark corner of yours
And weep in sadness in being unable
To replace anger with happiness.
With understanding.

You sit and clutch your heart in hopes.
You close your eyes and wish.
For those special moments to return
And replace that empty spot.

You sit and shiver with fright
In not being able to succeed
And slowly losing the battle inside.

Loss comes with expectations
Truth comes with believing
Tears come with understanding
Success comes with sharing.



Your lips as soft as a silk sheet bed
Brings forth the dizziness that lies in my head.

Your eyes so beautiful as a priceless gem
Awakens an ocean to deep to swim.

It lights my passion, my love for you
Shown by my trembling, that it is true.

Your velvet skin brings tears to my eyes
Showed me the truth, no reason for lies.

Your dazzling laughter, accompanied your smile
Made life a joy, a wondrous while.

Know that you lit the love in my heart
You started this feeling and you can rip it apart.

Just look in my eyes, and see that it's true
What keeps me alive, is the love for you.



Ode to Mikey who died as 16

*A mother had read some of my poetry out on the net, and emailed me, asking me if I'd want to help with writing a poem to her son, that had just died. Of course I agreed and this is what came out of it :-)*


I still find myself sitting at the window, gazing out at the trees, remembering.
It has been 5 years now my dear beautiful Mikey, and yet some times it feels like it only happened yesterday.
An angel left the world, You left the world Mikey.
I find myself smiling as I gaze out at the trees. They remind me of you Mikey.
Out of control, controlled by destiny, and yet so beautiful.
The way the branches lash out at the world, as the strong currents of wind grab them.
The way the Tree Crown harmonically sway to the sound of its mothers soothing voice.
And the way the Trunk of the tree stands proudly and firm into the ground, moving for noone.

Oh how I miss you Mikey.
Every beat of my heart, reminds me of you.
Every breath I take, is another wish that you will return.
Every prayer I make, is a hope that this is only a dream.
But it is not, and yet somehow I know you are ok.

Sometimes I'll close my eyes and clutch my heart, and remember you.
I'll remember the way you looked at me when you were displeased with something.
I'll remember the way you smiled at me and hugged me close, when you were happy.
I'll remember the way you would get mad when you felt left out.
And it is these small memories that keep me going.

Oh how I miss you Mikey. We all do.
Know that my heart beats with yours Mikey.
Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you Mikey.
Know that we all think of you Mikey.
And when the stars appear, on the black velvet night. And i gaze up at the brightest one of them.
I'll know it is you, looking down upon us all, telling us you Love us.

Your mother


Standing on the peak of a mountain


Standing on the peak of a mountain
My gaze set on the slowly fading sunset
The multi colored rays placed on the
Skies in a frozen picture of beauty

Watching as the clouds roll by
In a united tribute to the velvet above
The silent sound of wind bouncing
From crest to crest of the nearby mountains
Lashing into my skin with a soft caressing touch

As the sun withdraws, the moon appears
Out of its mother’s womb
It’s glittering path lighting the way for
The endless twinkling stars that follows

The world ends and is reborn
And yet it does so with such
Amazing silence and profound beauty

And yet, us, the Children, the Watchers,
Are unable to grasp and understand
Such a concept of embellishment
And eminent beauty.



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