I wrote this 6 month ago, about how to get IpSec working under Vista 64bit.

Well, at the time of writing, windows 7 was not released yet, but the version I purchased supported windows 7.
But but but, after I upgraded my computer to windows 7, guess what?
ncp-e forces me to buy an upgrade, for the small price of 60euro or about  120 us $
Since they claim, the support for windows 7 was in a beta version, (available) for customers, who owned 9.10.
Now the beta version is replaces by......9.20 supporting windows 7...

So basically I have to purchase the same feature two times from the same company, because they are greedy, and information on their website is not horned.

I strongly advise caution before buying products from this vender, unless you have plenty of money, and not mind paying for the same thing twice!

/Svend Gundestrup