Dear All

 I starting my hosting at Active24 .
They where expensive, and offeret nothing more then mail foward and a website foward.

I grew tired of being limited to html.

So I studied the market in Denmark, and found to my, at that time and knowledge, best  hosting firm Surftown .
For a time, I was happy. I helped Surftown , getting new costumers.
Then I started seeing the problems.
They were amateurs.
Their knowledge of hosting, uptime and security was limited to what could printed on the backside of a stamp.

I searched for a time again.

I was told that it was unwise to embark on hosting in the US, due to ping time problems.
So I was left with Scandinavia.

After a while I found Servage .

Their prices was moderst, and their claims wast. It almost looked too good, fast and technical responds, via email.

I started buying 55kr/month solution, one late night thinking, ok, this will teach me, not to host outside Denmark, where you only are protected by EU law.

 I started adding all of my current domains to Servage, then I transfered all of my files form all of my domains via ftp from Surftown to Servage .
Then I made a mysql dump of my databases from Surftown, and tried to import them to servage .

 All but one worked. Of cause it was the big, 50mb (gzip) dump of the mediawiki I am running, that failed.

I tried to import the database via phpmyadmin, no success, and the via their internal interfase (for big databases).

Still it failed, but I wrote to them. In about 30 minuts I got a technical suggestion, that I tried to follow. It failed.
I wrote a follow up, with a bit more debug information. They  gave me a pilimiarry suggesting, stating that they would look in to it ASAP.
I thought, ok this is the last I will heart from them, now they will stop returing e-mail/support tickets. But no, within hours, I got a new suggestion, with another technical referance.
The problem, was the string length, form the dump from surftown. With a new dump parameter,  I could import the database without any data loss.

I normally never, recoment firms, but with the treatment and technical support I have been getting, I am prod to have their banner on my website, next to Apache,  IPCOP and Linux.