The History of my Web page

21-09-06 Even more major updates. Now the folding menu system works.
But my "mambo map" is no good. well shit happends. 
04-09-05 Major update changes from macromedia to mamboserver.
I have had some php problems, and laerning issues, but it seams that I am getting the hang of it.
15-02-04 I have stated to use a more professional program then Microsoft Frontpage , and doing web pages, has never been harder, and more fun :-)
But now I have complete control over my homepage, and Microsoft Frontpage, has been des continued, like all other M$ programs should!
19-08-03 I have adjusted some info about me, I no longer work at Q8 Denmark, but at Sophus medical.
28-01-03 Just doing the last corrections, and the new homepage is ready for use.
11-01-03 Just saw some info about a project in Chile that my father help start.
10-01-03 I have dropped the idea of having a Danish and English site...too much I am back to the good old 1 language system.
The reason for my lack of updates is that my father has died.
28-06-02 It has been two years since I last have update my homepage. Now it has a new design, and a English and Danish pictures have been added.
28-06-00 I have updated the links, to NGRIP, and put some more friends and pictures on my homepage.
12-12-99 Typed some more info about The story of my web page
11-12-99 Published some more pictures of me, the dog molly. In that occasion, I also updated the design of my menu's.
before 99 before in 99 and 98 I got Microsoft FrontPage in the spring of 98. That was the first time I tried to make a homepage. Since, it has been