Today then deleting 42mb, in about 6000 files, is has currently taken Vista 2 hours deleting the files, and Vista is not done yet.

It still "guesses" it will take another day finish the jobdeleting_vista

I have for some time been a customor.

It worked ok, but in the last year there has been an explosion of my website getting hacked.

No matter what I did, everything was updated, and patched, and all access levels was correct.

But eventhough, my websites was hacked, even ftp accounts was created (witch can only happen through the control panel, or via direct access to the server via root).

I complainted to Servage, they always gives the same bot-like anwsers, never anwsering my questings.

I ended up, changing to a new hosting firm, and since then, my website has not been hacked!


Therefor I must warn anybody thinking about hosting at, they are cheep, but insecure and dumb.


I did some googling with the term "servage hacked" and it showed my an alarming number of people that has also been hacked, and that the problem that their control panel is insecure.

Therefor you can spend a lifetime patching your own software, and constantly changing your passwords, and another lifetime cleaning up, after the hackers, with no effect, because the problem is not with your software but with the hosting firms software.


So to anyone, aviod Servage!

Well after reinstalling my MacBook, I got in to trubble installing Microsoft Office 2008 for MAC

two problems:

1. ) after install of SP1 the Office Setup assiatant goes in to a loop.

Solution: source


Some users who have installed Office 2008 for Mac Service Pack 1 are reporting an issue that occurs after installation. The issue causes the Office Setup Assistant to open when they try to open an Office application. This situation occurs when the Office Setup Assistant detects that an invalid Product Key was used to install Office 2008.

To resolve this issue, please move the following files to the Trash:

  • /Users/username/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/Office 2008/Microsoft Office 2008 settings.plist
  • /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008/Office/OfficePID.plist

After you complete these steps, open any Office application, and then use the product key that is included with your original installation disk to complete the installation. The product key is located on the back of the Office 2008 for Mac DVD sleeve or on the back of the Install Guide.


2. ) Database problems with Office 2008 ?!

Solution: source

1- Deleted "Microsoft User Data" folder under Documents
2- Deleted all* under ~/Library/Preferences
3- Deleted Microsoft folder under ~/Library/Preferences

I then re-ran Office Setup Assistant, and problem solved.


1) Make a backup, use phpmyadmin, or use your hosting firms tool.
make sure you select the export charset to iso 8859-1

2) Create a new db, and then import the backup file to the new db.

3) look at this site:

Download the tool

4) unpack and upload the tool to your site.

5) Make the conversion

6) rememeber to remove the tool afterwards.


I have testet this with Mediawiki and Joomla, with no problems.

This also solves the problems with æøå and Joomla, after an upgrade.


  • 1. Start Regedit.
  • 2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Word\Data
  • 3. Right mouse click on the "Data" folder and delete it.
  • 4. Close Regedit.




you have a HP printer, and the problem continiues.
solution: ? get an other printer? happends with my HP7280

Or select an other printer (not HP) as the default printer.