I installed IDoBlog free edition, in this website, and got hacked.


I traced the problem, to the poorly written and secured code of IDoBlog, that enabled a nice SQL attack.


I also traced the "problem"/hacker to China...like always....


So I suggest, removed IDoBlog, to avoid hacing.



The normal route, by following the help from joomla is:

1) Install a tool

2) install patches to components (takes a long time)

3) make a migration file

4) install Joomla 1.5 and in the process upload the migration file (and hope to avoid timeouts!)



1) install joomla 1.5

2) Install and use component*

Done, thats it!




*Please note, what your database should be UTF-8

After a long and tirrering battle with Servage.net, I am slowly moving my server activities to Site5.

Their uptime is better, their servers are faster, and eventhrough, their ping time is worse, your website is faster.
And no more slow mysql servers!
One last thing, they also have ssh access, so developering in RoR is faster and much easyer.

Currently Site5 for me is the best bet, untill I get the money and get a dedicated server.

The error:

PHP Fatal error:  Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in gallery/modules/exif/lib/exifer/makers/olympus.inc on line 81


The reason:

The exif have been updates with Gallery2, but the libery have not been updated.


The solution:

Download the newest file for olympus images here:


Replace the "olympus.inc" with the new file, and everything works.


Source for solution:
Gallery2 forum

There will still be come changes, but the good thing, is correction misspelling is much easyer :-)

my old website is still based here:

give me a e-mail, if you finde any problems.
s v e n d (at) g u n d e s t r u p .dk

remove the spaces, and change the (at) to @, and then you have my e-mail....sorry for the stange way to type the e-mail, but I current get +100 spammails a day :-(

svend gundestrup