Dear All

I have been granted a free licence to jira, bug reporting tool, due to
I have had a lot of problems with installing jira, as a service on Tomcat 5.5.

Atlassian, creator of jira, does provide a standalone version, that works, but is difficult to work with, and extend to use mysql or install other tomcat services.
I have solved the problems I had, and now jira is running on my server as a service under tomcat 55.
Click readmore for my guide.

1. Step is to install tomcat 5.5

2. Step is to install jdk on you linuxbox.
download java-packager fakeroot via apt-get
download jdk from
the the install guide you see in your your right under related items.
Remember to set $JAVA_HOME in /etc/profiles, to where you have installed jdk

3. unzip the files, to one dir I like /tomcat/ this is now called $tomcat
chmod a+x $tomcat/bin/*.sh
Edit  the server.xml file, to correct the connect port, to your wishes.

4. when done, start the apache server via $tomcat/bin/
There should be about 4 lines of output, there catalinahome is defined and where java_home is.
If where are errors, correct them.

5. Point your browser to server at the port you have set earlier to check it you can see a apache tomcat start picture.  it it works, stop tomcat via $tomcat/bin/

6. Now download and unpack jira, from
follow the provided guide:

Remember to follow each step carefully!
if you choose to use mysql as database, remember the to read:
And download the
extra jar to mysql (this happends via mysql's website)
Remember to make a user, and a passwd, and a database that jira can access.
And look here:
There is a mysql bug with debian/kubuntu/ubuntu, so you have to make a small change to your $tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/jira.xml
add this you line:
since there are more then one expresion, you need to add: &between options.
this measn that you line will proberly look like:




And remamber to download: extra libraries to tomcat 5.5.

Now you thing you are set to go!

point your browser to /jira