I have changed the OS on my server/workstatation from Debian to Kubuntu (a debian based OS)

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OK, Debian is cool, but Debian stable is stable, but old.
I was missing OpenOffice 2.0 and other stuff, so I desided to reinstall my OS with kubuntu.
I have tried tried this before.

I did severel trials, on vmware to make sure, I didn't get into problems.
I have severel problems, with swat, and other programs, but I found solutions for this.

1) Backup you /home and /root  dir, since I have my on a seperate partition, I didn get into any problems with loosing data. (eccept for /root)
2) Backup fstab, crontab, and smb.conf all under /etc3) make a backup of packages you have installed  (a list) via the command "dpkg -l > list.txt"4) make a backup of raidtab (if you have software raid)
5) everything else I forgot....


Problems and solutions:

apt-get install swat inetd samba smbfs 

/etc/hosts (comment out the lines regarding ipv6)
/etc/modprob.d/aliases (comment out he line regarding ipv6, and add a new line that is the same, just with a 'off' instead of ipv6