If you read my last new about upgrading Debian.

Since the linux system was fucked, I desiede to try and install the "core" and keep my /home

I would install Kubuntu64.

The normal install worked, but when I tried to install java, I found that sun have not made any plugin to mozilla-java so my browser was useless, for web banking!.

Next issue, swat will not work, why? I cant understand, I have posted a question on kubuntu forum, and have not gotten any anwsers yet.

Then I install kubuntu with i386 kernel+non 64 lib.

Once again, everything worked, but SWAT!

So I ended up installing sarge again!

But the price for a stable server+workstation is outdated x-windows software.

I wounder if the smartet ting would't be getting a neo itx computer as linux workstation, and just run sarge on the server?

Time and finacial status will determan the outcome :-)