-Linux when it's best

I have used Debian for about one year now, and I have to say it the best dist I have ever met, regarding stability, and preformance.

The reason im using a linux at all, is that I needed a computer that could:
  1. Be stable
  2. Could act as a file server
  3. Could act as a print server
I first used windowsXP pro, that was a big mistake.
The computer had to be rebootet every second day.

I then started using Red Hat 9, and bought some book about Red Hat 9.
It worked, and fairly simple to use.
Installation was as easy as windows, if you just remmebered to read the full help text of what you where being asked.

But Red Hat 9, was changed to Fedora, and was no longer controled by Red Hat coporation, witch meant that you did know what you got, and if you would like to know, you had to purchance Red Hat Linux Server Enterprise...and that is not cheep.

So my Nighbore, helped me make my first installation of Debian (Woody).
That was very hard to understand, and not very easy.

I then made some more installation, and learned form my mistakes, and found out that I would proberly be better off with Debian (sarge).

What is the difference? Sarge was at the time testing, and woody was stable.
Testing means that it's stable but not 100% stable, but still 1000x more stable then anything microsoft have ever made.
Stable means that you can setup the server, and if the power dosn't get cut, your server will still be running with out anyproblems for meany years.
When this said, testing also means that the software is old, and well tested.

Since linux might be hard to understand/use/install for the first time, there is a solution for this.


They have made a linux CD or DVD that is booterable.
This meany that you can play around with linux, with out installing it.
All you have to do is burn the program image you download to a cd, put the CD in your CD/DVD driver, and ask your computer to reboot from the CD.

Presently my server has only been up for +80days, the reason for the short uptime, is that I added some more ram to my computer.

I will add some more info later when I have the time.